Front-End Developer

Who is suitable for this job?

  • You might be the one if you specialize in the development of World Wide Web applications and strongly commits to effective product development.
  • You might be the one if you love solving problems by debugging, finding inefficiencies and proposing viable solutions and learning to become cross-functional.
  • You might be the one if you are a global player who is familiar with reading and writing English document.

Contact us if you possess skills below

  • Strong knowledge and hands-on experience of HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript (jQuery and Bootstrap)
  • In-depth knowledge of Javascript frameworks (AngularJS, NodeJS etc.)
  • Knowledge and willingness to work in Agile SCRUM environment
  • Knowledge of and a sense for UI/UX best practices
  • Appreciation of web accessibility, PageSpeed Insights, AJAX techniques, JSON data structures, and more advanced Javascript for lightweight UX solutions
  • A strong sense for best quality of code (readable, working and maintainable code).